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Calmation offers in-house electrical design, PLC program development, troubleshooting and controls wiring. A wide range of resources are utilized to accommodate all software and control needs.Our resources are utilized both for in-house complete automation projects, as well as for upgrading controls on existing systems.


PLC’s & Robots

Manufacturing companies are requiring more data tracking, accuracy, efficiency and productivity from their operations. To meet those demands, industrial robots have become more sophisticated and are being integrated into production lines and systems.  PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) driven networked systems provide and maintain consistent predictability and can operate in a wide range of environments.

Industrial Controls & Data Communication

Having the ability to communicate between equipment and devices are critical for efficient production. High speed seamless communication and networking between the factory machinery equipment and its controls deliver increased production and profitability. Our team creates intelligently networked systems integrated with robots, vision and motion devices to operate in any environment.

Process Fluid Control



Calmation will help your company achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. From electrical & mechanical design, process or motion control with robotics, program development to factory automation, Calmation works with you to lower your costs, increase reliability and production.