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Ophthalmic Lens Coating, Spin Application, UV and Thermal Cure

ophthalmic spin coating automation solutions thermal UV cure

Calmation is a leader in the ophthalmic lens coating industry. Our spin coating machines, designed for the application of scratch resistant coating are equipped for thermal or UV cure and include the option for both on some machines. As a custom automation house/systems integrator, Calmation will customize upon request.
The ASC-500 is an enclosed automated system developed to clean, coat and cure ophthalmic lenses.

The Spin Coater offers the following major features:

  • Outstanding safety features to minimize liability for workplace injuries
  • Ventilation of organic vapors and fluid recovery
  • Very low water consumption, as little as five gallons every 24 hours of continuous use.
  • Smallest footprint for its capacity of six lenses per minute
  • Compact HEPA filtered environment
  • Imperfections at the edge of the lens do not affect yield as they do with dip coating
  • Yields in excess of 90 percent even on polarized or other laminated lenses, typically yielding about 8,000 acceptable lenses per 24 hour period
  • Low maintenance
  • User friendly
  • Flexibility for running most lens types at high yield
  • We can provide custom features or a custom machine for your unique process and product line
  • May be integrated with molding operations for a fully automated continuous inline process
  • Twelve station units offer the ability to apply a combination of primer and mar resistant coating or any two different coatings of various combinations for ultraviolet and thermal curing.
  • Option to reclaim, reconstitute, and reuse excess coating that has been spun off lenses, thereby reducing coating consumption on semi-finished lenses by 75% relative to dip coating.
  • Greatly reduced interference fringes relative to dip coating
  • Proven success in production, even in adverse environments
  • Excellent technical support for installation, setup, process documentation, training, troubleshooting, and defect analysis  
  • Lenses are cured to tack free coming off the machine


  • Standard 8-station machine with UV or thermal cure.
  • Expanded 12-station machine with both UV and thermal cure.
  • Custom designed system


Please contact the Calmation Sales Department with any questions: 805.520.2515 sales@calmation.com