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Systems & Technology Integration

Calmation Inc. integrates mechanical, informational and control interfaces with precision, high-speed automated manufacturing, assembly, testing and packaging equipment. Our systems range from simple, single-station machines to complex, multi-station designs combining standard tooling with the latest in Programmable Logic Controllers, custom robotics and technology.

Calmation will expertly transform the functionality of existing systems, machines and controls to suit new production requirements or customize a new machine or system.

From process development to completely flexible automation, we have the technology and experience to handle challenging automation projects.

Scalable, Modular, and Flexible Manufacturing Technologies

Several components are typically integrated within each system Calmation creates. Some of these include robotics integrated with ­­­­­­­­­­­­­precision tooling and vision.  We incorporate a wide variety of technologies to deliver optimum results.

Calmation automation platforms range from rotary dial and linear indexing to power & free conveyors. Within a system we can combine other technologies to provide additional flexibility. Process requirements typically define the drive selection. A successful project looks beyond the process and considers future products, new technologies available and budget limitations, among other factors. We have experience with many different motion sources to balance the factors to deliver the most efficient system within your budget.

Motion Technologies:


Cam-drive technology offers accurate, high speed, repeatable motions, with minimal (speed variation) control processing requirements. Multiple cams may be typically operated by a single drive, within a station.


Hydraulic motion is utilized primarily for high force, low-speed applications. Typical hydraulic press stations are used for shearing/punching, cutting and forming sheet metal.


Pneumatic cylinders and actuators use compressed air for compact linear and rotary motion. Fieldbus (ethernet / IP) communication from the PLC to the valve bank, then to the device, provides state of the art operation. Air pressure regulators, flow controls, hard-stops/cushioned stops facilitate control in minimal space.  Sensors verify motion commands.


Robotic systems equal flexible automation. Robots are programmable and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of applications and can be reconfigured in the future for different uses. Applications requiring high speed and accuracy are well suited for robotic integration.


Servo motors or stepper motors provide a highly-controlled source of motion. The ability to program speed, position, acceleration, deceleration, and torque monitoring, provides extensive systems flexibility, as well as statistical process data. They are traditionally used for high speed, variable and coordinated motion. Servo motors, combined with motion feedback, offer a high degree of intelligence and control from the motor drive, in sync with the PLC. 

Integrated Solution

Our solutions easily integrate these motion technologies on the same machine and apply them as necessary. A cam machine can integrate a servo mechanism as part of a process and cells of different technologies can work together to provide better solutions.

Our sales team is available for consultation to discuss our system integrator services. We will assist you in determining the best customized integrated system to benefit your business. We have an extensive range of experience in combining technologies to solve problems in creative ways. From initial concept to testing, we can work with you at whatever level you choose. Request your quote today.