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Industry Solutions

Calmation offers a complete package of highly professional support services at every stage of your project.

  • Pre-project consultation and problem solving
  • Concept development includes selection of quality industry recognized components; along with cost effective and reliable automation processes, to deliver well-engineered services and solutions
  • Assistance in preparation of systems specifications
  • 3D mechanical designs provided using the most powerful solid modeling tools available. Currently utilizing SolidWorks 2013
  • Startup worldwide
  • Operator training
  • Detailed operating and maintenance documentation archived and provided
  • On-site maintenance service available
  • Remote troubleshooting support

The results range from semi-automated to fully automated systems which:

  • Meet quality and production rate specifications.
  • Provide highly reliable service with minimum down time and utilize proven designs and quality off-the-shelf components to increase reliability.
  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programs provide the intelligence to perform quality control operations, report generation and data tracking.
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface) provides batch and recipe configuration and much more.

Complies with regulatory standards including but not limited to FDA, OSHA, EPA, GMP, NEC and NFPA,  CE and ISO 9001.


Automotive & Environmental Solutions

Calmation has extensive experience designing and building assembly and test equipment for the automotive field, including crash avoidance systems, torque and EGR sensors, pressure and air bag sensors, fuel injectors, turbo chargers and various sub-assemblies….

Connectors, Electronics & Telecommunications

The Calmation team has extensive experience with designing and building connector assembly machines. Our precision small parts tooling experience in the connector industry dates back to the early 1970’s. Our typical high volume applications range from single work stations….


Calmation uses the latest SolidWorks software to provide everything from engineering design documentation to a complete system. With over 25 years of experience in the industry our engineering team will create designs to best meet your process needs…

Inspection & Test Systems

From vision to end of line functional testing Calmation can integrate to meet your system’s requirements. Inspection and test systems can include vision, calibration, marking, leak testing and more…

Medical Device Assembly

Calmation improves medical and device manufacturers in many phases of production. From assisting with project design to facilitate automation, assembly, functional testing to quality verification, our team will work in a collaborative effort with your company to ensure we meet all your production requirements….

Motion Picture Solutions

Calmation is best known for our precision small part assembly. However, our custom capabilities are limited to only the imagination. Located in Ventura County and near the motion picture capital we’ve had the pleasure to offer our expertise in unique ways….

Packaging & Food Handling

Calmation provides cost effective integrated solutions from assembly, dispense to packaging & palletizing. We integrate your palletizing, primary and secondary packaging operations into your process from case packing, carton loading, blister form to fill and seal…


Calmation designs and integrates to create custom automation solutions in many different environments to meet sector requirements for cleanroom and sterile environments. Pharmaceutical solutions include dispensing, precision small part assembly, serum pooling and more…


Calmation has extensive experience designing and building assembly systems for the photovoltaic solar panel industry, including manual stations, semi-automatic machines and automatic systems. We design and build to clients specifications.