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The Calmation team has extensive experience with designing and building connector assembly machines. Our precision small parts tooling experience in the connector industry dates back to 1970.

Our applications range from single workstations to multiple stations; rotary indexing systems to high speed press operations.

  • Annealing
  • Assemble Contacts & Hoods, Test Contact Insertion & Withdrawal Forces
  • Bandolier  Assembly
  • Bending Contacts
  • Clip to Contact Assembly
  • Color Code
  • Contact and Vial Loading
  • Contact Broach & Bleeder Hole Insertion
  • Contact Comb Cutting
  • Contact Drop Loader
  • Contact Force Checking
  • Contact Test
  • C-ring Assembly
  • DIP Package Process
  • DIP Switch Assembly
  • Female Din-Connector Assembly
  • Flat Cable Header Assembly
  • High Speed Color Bending
  • High Speed Contact Insertion
  • High Speed Multiple Insertion
  • Hood Assembly
  • IDC (Insulator Displacement Connectors)
  • IDC Male Header
  • IDC Receptacle Assembly
  • Mass Contact Loading
  • PCB (printed circuit board) transition plus DIP (Dual Inline Package) Assembly Contact
  • Ring Lock
  • Solder Applicator
  • Solder Tinning



Computers & Electronics

Calmation designs, builds and integrates assembly machines for computer, electronic and telecommunication devices. Integrated concepts combine power and data transmission in one system for customized flexible solutions.