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Calmation designs and integrates custom automation solutions. Our team designs and builds for different environments, to meet sector requirements for cleanroom and sterile environments.

  • Dispensing
  • Precision Small Part Assembly
  • Serum Pooling
  • Syringe Filling
  • Blood Vial handling
  • Contact and Vial Loading

Calmation has experience dispensing a wide variety of products: low viscosity adhesives to high viscosity pastes and greases.

Some of our past dispensing projects have included the following technologies:

  • Peristaltic pump dispense
  • Time-pressure dispense
  • Positive displacement dispense
  • Pin transfer

The following is an example of a past dispensing project: The purpose of this fully automated system is to dispense gel into pre-assembled plastic syringes, assemble the luer tip to the syringe, apply a label to the syringe and orient the syringe radially for serialization prior to the final off-load. The system is a free standing and independently operated machine, utilizing a cam driven rotary indexer with two automatic feed systems. Features include: one automatic three-position gel dispensing station, two inspection stations, a walking beam transport mechanism, one labeling station, an orientation station, one reject part eject and one good part off-load station.


The syringe and plunger are oriented and fed from a custom built vibratory feeder bowl, along a vibratory inline track, to a shuttle mechanism, then transferred three at a time to a part holding nest in the rotary index plate. A series of photo sensors check for presence of all three syringes and if a syringe is missing, all downstream operations of the effected syringe position are inhibited. Three front closing dispensing valves located below the rotary index plate advance up into the syringes. Upon verification of syringe presence and verification of full-stroke valve travel, a pre-determined amount of gel is fed from a pressurized reservoir and dispensed into each syringe through the nozzle end. Syringe caps are oriented and fed to a shuttle mechanism located directly below the syringes. Tips are transported upward to the syringes and assembled to the nozzles by a rotary gripper. Photo sensors verify that all tips have been assembled to the correct dimension. Non-verified assemblies will be ejected. Acceptable assemblies are transferred from the index table into a walking beam mechanism, which transports the syringes through the labeling station. Following label application the syringes are oriented radially for serialization and then offloaded from a walking beam into a container.

Over 25 years in the industry, we have extensive experience in cleanroom environment automation and comply with the requirements on cleanroom compatibility.  Our team is committed to providing the highest quality, turn-key automation solution and system integration to meet your needs.